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Green Candidate Off Ballot

Monday, September 25th, 2006

A Pennsylvania judge Monday tossed Green Party candidate Carl Romanelli off the ballot, saying that he did not have enough valid signatures to qualify.  The decision is a serious blow to Sen. Rick Santorum Mudd, who will now need a majority if he hopes to retain his seat.  Mudd is the most vulnerable incumbent facing […]

Casey At Catholic: An Alum´s Perspective

Friday, September 15th, 2006

Bob Casey, Jr.`s recent appearance at Catholic University is getting quite a bit of coverage over at NRO´s Corner.  As an alumnus of Catholic University, though not the Law School, and someone who was involved in a similar controversy during my time there, I think it is time, perhaps past time, that I weigh in […]

After Labor Day: Where Things Stand

Monday, September 11th, 2006

Now that Labor Day has passed, the campaigns enter their final stretch.  Here’s a quick glance at where things stand going into the home stretch:
Republican Held Seats
Arizona - Despite dipping deep into his personal fortune, former Democrat State Party Chair Jim Pederson has been unable to cut into Sen. Jon Kyl’s solid lead.  Democrats were once […]

Crimson Tide

Tuesday, August 15th, 2006

Amid all the doom and gloom that has been readily apparent in Republican chatter for months, a funny thing happened on the way to November.  A crimson tide started rising.  With the puppet masters of the Democrat Party more and more excited about their prospects, they have made the mistake of actually showing people what they´re […]

PA Republicans Join Mickey Mouse Club

Thursday, August 10th, 2006

Pennsylvania Republicans smartly funded a drive to collect enough signatures to get Green Party candidate Carl Romanelli on the Senate ballot, a move that would likely have taken 3-4 percent from Democrat Bob Casey, Jr.  The move, while dirty, is smart politics.  I´d applaud the move if I were backing the incumbent, so I won´t […]

Two Northeast Incumbents Toast

Thursday, August 3rd, 2006

Senators Joe Lieberman and Rick Santorum Samuel Mudd had better start putting together their resumes as new polls confirming old ones show that they´ll both be returned to the private sector in January.  Scott Rasmussen shows the junior traitor, er, Senator, from Pennsylvania trailing by 11 with Casey, RS´s sole endorsed Democrat, at 50.  Only […]

Casey Creates Daylight

Wednesday, June 21st, 2006

RS´s sole endorsed Democrat, Bob Casey, Jr., has reopened daylight between himself and incumbent Sen. Rick Santorum.  His lead now stands at 18 points, and he comes in just over 50% himself.  The lead in the new poll is notable because it confirms a recent Rasmussen poll that showed Casey reopening a wide lead.  The […]

First Quarter Filings

Tuesday, April 18th, 2006

The Hill has an excellent roundup of Senate fundraising numbers for the first quarter.
Some observations:
Arizona - Jim Pederson has not invested the money that he would have needed to make this competitive.  He has already spent over $1 million and has fallen in the polls.  The Democrats might have had a chance to win this.  That is no longer […]

Six Seats to the Majority

Monday, April 3rd, 2006

With seven months to go until the 2006 midterm election, it is becoming increasingly clear that control of the Senate will come down to six races.  With all due respect to challengers in Florida, Maryland, New Jersey, Washington, and West Virginia, the environment does not lend itself to Republican takeovers in states where Democrats have […]

Three’s Company

Friday, March 3rd, 2006

Over the last couple of days, there has been a good deal of chatter about pro-choice activist Kate Michelman joining Bob Casey, Jr. and Sen. Mudd in the Pennsylvania Senate race.   This talk has surely brought many smiles to an otherwise dour Santorum camp.  Such reactions, though, are premature.
Michelman built her career on a single […]