For Majority Leader: Shadegg

Shadegg.bmpAlthough this blog is dedicated primarily to the Senate, I cannot help but comment on the important race for House Majority Leader.  All three candidates have established themselves as conservatives through their voting record, but sadly, a conservative voting record does not make a member conservative.  I am taking this opportunity to endorse the candidacy of Rep. John Shadegg not because of any problems with his opponents, but because Shadegg has proven himself exceptionally committed to reform.

As a member of the Class of ‘94, Shadegg has a special appreciation for the need for fundamental reform of the federal government.  He understands that problems cannot be solved by allocating or diverting funds, but by restructuring the federal government such that its scope does not exceed its essential functions.  Former Majority Leader DeLay’s comments last year that Republicans had already cut all the pork they could show just how far even the best members of the Leadership have fallen from the ideals that led them to power in 1994.  Shadegg is the ideal candidate to restore those fundamental principles to the Republican Leadership.

Further, Shadegg proudly defends his principles.  As a member of the Republican Study Committee, Shadegg has shown that he is willing to work with those most committed to the socially and fiscally conservative policies that are the heart of the Republican Party.  The rank and file of America’s majority Party understand that the GOP is not an end in itself.  Instead, we view the Party as a means to pursuing an agenda that respects human dignity and individual liberty, that considers the Constitution binding rather than suggestive, that respects traditional values of faith and family, and that believes in personal responsibility to one’s self and to one’s community.  It is abundently clear that Rep. John Shadegg has a clear understanding of these principles and the fortitude to advance them as a member of the House Leadership.  It is for this reason that follow the nation’s premier conservative publication in endorsing his candidacy for House Majority Leader.

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