Ogonowski to Challenge Kerry

Jim Ogonowski has decided to launch a long-shot bid against Sen. John Kerry.  Ogonowski recently ran a highly competitive Congressional race for an open seat against Niki Tsongas but ultimately lost 51-45.  Now he is aiming higher.

For his part, the incumbent has nearly $10 million in the bank while Ogonowski has $65k remaining in his Congressional campaign account.  Though he says that he is prepared to raise “a few million dollars”, Ogonowski will likely struggle to raise the funds that would be necessary to put this race in play.  He is already getting a late start against a well-entrenched incumbent in a state that leans heavily to the left, especially in Presidential election years.

Perhaps the good news about Ogonowski’s decision is that it is likely to force Sen. Kerry to drain more of his account than he expected.  Kerry will be able to spend a bit less time campaigning for Democrats across the country and a bit more time defending and fundraising for himself.  To be sure, it would take a major Kerry scandal for Ogonowski to actually pull this one off, but he can at least serve as a thorn in his side for the next ten months.

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  1. Andy Says:

    As you say, he might force Kerry to do some actual campaigning, but the chances of winning are pretty small.

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