Collins Picks Up Lieberman Endorsement

Sen. Joe Lieberman has decided to tick off the left still more by endorsing Sen. Susan Collins in her bid for reelection.  The decision makes it clear that Sen. Lieberman and the Senate Democrats still have a ways to go in making nice-nice, and suggests that Republicans may yet be able to gain control of the Senate in 2008 just by breaking even.  What will be interesting to see is how the far left reacts.  If they do as expected and throw a tantrum about how Sen. Lieberman should be kicked out of the caucus, the Senator might feel even more unwelcome and abandon ship sooner than expected.  If they somehow manage to restrain themselves, the strained relationship may remain in tact.  Either way, this is a nice pick-up for Collins and suggests that, while he’ll certainly be competitive, Rep. Tom Allen still has his work cut out for him.

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