Dirty Harry Strikes Again

Once again, Sen. Harry Reid finds himself in the middle of an ethics scandal.  Apparently, he managed to get himself a discount of over 90% on land in northern Arizona from those with business pending before Congress.  The culture of corruption strikes again.  At the very least, this is a public relations disaster for the Democrats.  At most, Reid could follow in the footsteps of former Rep. Ney.

One Response to “Dirty Harry Strikes Again”

  1. Juan Lebon Says:

    The Senator from Nevada is the most dishonest senator in the Capitol today, and I spect that the Republican Senators , once and for all start asking questions and pressing for his resignation, the same way the democrats have been asking for the resignation of several members of the Republican Party.
    The Corruption should stop at the desk of the ” Mayority Leader” and should be investigate with the same ardor that the democrats put on it, this man, that love the microphone so much should explain to the Fed’s.

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