Kennedy Closing?

Gary Miller thinks so.  In part because of a new ad, the dynamics of the race have begun to shift in Kennedy´s favor.  He remains well behind in independent polls, but apparently has closed the gap in the internals.  At one point earlier in the cycle, this looked like the GOP´s best bet for a pick-up.  It is now no higher than third, behind Maryland and New Jersey.

What is curious is why Kennedy won´t release his internal polling.  At this point, many, including myself, have written off the Minnesota race in light of several public polls showing that Klobuchar has opened an insurmountable lead.  While 20 points seems a bit too big of a gap for a purple state like Minnesota, it is also difficult to imagine why data to the contrary would remain in house rather than shouted from the rooftops.  Kennedy is a good candidate running in a tough environment, but the strategic decision here is a curious one.

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