Fat Lady Sings in Ohio

Contrary to last week´s denials of GOP abandonment of Sen. Mike DeWine, the RNC pulled the plug on plans to run ads in the final week of the campaign.  Rep. Sherrod Brown has recently blown the race wide open and left DeWine in even worse shape that Sen. Rick Santorum Samuel Mudd.  Effectively this means that we will lose a minumum of three seats in the Senate, with Pennsylvania and Rhode Island being the other two.

In light of DeWine´s anemic poll numbers, this decision does make sense.  What one can´t help but wonder, though, is why would they abandon DeWine while continuing to support Chafee, who has trailed by high single digits for months?  At this point, money spent in statewide in Ohio and Rhode Island is money wasted.  Isn´t it time to stop throwing good money after bad?

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