RNC Goes On the Air; Considers Dole Inept, Too

The RNC has decided to break from protocol and go on the air in three states to try to stop the bleeding in Republican-held territory.  The beneficiaries of this newly announced expenditures will be Senators DeWine and Talent, and former Rep. Bob Corker.  Many are rightly portraying this as an attempt to limit Democrat gains, as Republican targets in Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, and Washington slip out of contention.  This also shows a willingness to cede Pennsylvania and Rhode Island, the seat the Democrats actually won on Primary Day.  What is less clear is whether this reflects on the Montana race, where money is not among the problems of incumbent Sen. Conrad Burns.

With Arizona and Virginia having effectively moved off the board, Republicans need to hold only one of these seats to prevent a Democrat Majority.  The upshod is that if Democrats hope to maintain their leads in Pennsylvania and Rhode Island, they will not be able to match GOP spending in these three states.  As such, their candidates will have to do that much more to overcome the red tint of the electorates.

Notably from the story:

While Stephens and Schmitt stressed the cooperation between the two committees, neither had a ready explanation when asked why the RNC had decided to step out on its own when it could simply have transferred funds directly to the senatorial committee.

HereĀ“s a theory: The RNC realized that Sen. Dole has garnered so little experience handling money due to her inablitiy to raise it over the last couple of years that it felt the need to ensure that it is not wasted, as the $1.2 million was in Rhode Island.

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