Brown Attempts to Moderate Image

Apparently not comfortable in his ability to win based on his far left reputation, Rep. Sherrod Brown this weekend brought in relative moderate Sen. Clinton.  Clinton, an expert on the subject from her days as her husband`s chief advisor on the issue, praised Brown´s work on healthcare.  Brown´s plans have had about as much success.

The move is a curious one, considering the fact that it now offers Republicans the opportunity to show the voters of Ohio that he is even more liberal than she is.  This will not be difficult since just about every left wing organization rates the Congressman to the Senator´s left.  In fact, former Speaker of the Ohio House of Representatives Democrat Vern Riffe once referred to him as a “Goddamn hippie sonuvabitch“, a reputation to which he has lived up.

I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank Rep. Sherrod Brown.  His opponent, Sen. Mike DeWine, has done more damage to his own campaign than Rep. Brown ever could have.  He gave his base almost no reason to show up.  Now, Rep. Brown has brought in the only person who could rouse the conservative base enough to give Senator DeWine a fighting chance.  Thanks, Congressman.

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