Dems Bail on Pederson; Allen Appears Safer

Jon Kyl.bmpAllen.jpgNational Democrats have decided to cut their losses and pull $1 million in advertising out of the Arizona Senate race.  The decision comes at a time when national Democrats are peaking, and if Pederson does not look viable now, this one is over.  The decision comes after Democrats have spent millions, including a nearly $9 million investment by Pederson himself, attempting to unseat an entrenched incumbent.

Arizona is now the latest folly in the rediculous “strategy” of the far left to contest every seat.  If anything, the Arizona Senate race has served as nothing more than a distraction for Democrats who still face an uphill climb in trying to recapture the chamber.  Sen. Kyl has run a strong campaign and has held a lead that, while shrinking during the campaign due to those who opposed him from the start becoming more familiar with Pederson, has shown him to be out of harm´s way.

Meanwhile in Virginia, the latest polls show that the worst of the Macaca fallout is over and Sen. Allen has regained his standing in the polls.  At its worst point, Sen. Allen was actually tied with Jim Webb in the polls.  Now, his lead is in the middle to high single digits.  Allen will not score the blowout victory that he could have tallied to set him up nicely for a Presidential bid, which will now probably have to be put off at least four years if not permanently, but he can be confident that his political career will continue with much of the damage that is normally left for a Presidential campaign having already been done.

The new circumstances noe leave Democrats going for the same inside straight that they were looking for in the first place, now needing to sweep the races involving endangered seats from either Party.  That means holding Michigan and New Jersey (Maryland and Minnesota, while not over, are looking pretty good for the Dems) while defeating Senators Burns, Chafee, DeWine, Mudd, and Talent, as well as former Rep. Bob Corker in a solidly Republican state.  Howard Dean´s “We´re really strong in Mississippi,” approach to the November elections will likely prove his downfall when Democrats fail to retake the chamber due to very narrow margins in a couple of races that have been tight throughout the campaign.  For now, though, Republicans can sleep better knowing that the Democrats´ chances of taking back the Senate have gotten slimmer.

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