The Speaker Must Go

Conesrvatives are currently divided on the issue of whether Speaker Hasters should resign over the current allegations.  Well meaning, well tested allies have strong opinions on either side, though RedState would have done well to avoid calling those who disagree with them fools and foes.  Even so, it is a difficult situation, and a site doing as much as it is to get to a conservative majority in Congress can be forgiven for being so harsh.

While I had preferred not to comment on the matter as it was in the House, it is now clear that the issue will be damaging to Republicans across the board.  As such, any discussion of politics cannot help but include it.  Count me on the side of the Washington Times.

Those who would rather wait until after the elections claim to think that it would be prudent to put up a unified front now and do some house cleaning after the elections.  Most of them do so convinced that the timing of the release of information was a trap set by the liberal media.  They may well be right.

Those who do not believe that it is time to change horses, however, are the ones who have fallen into the trap..  The situation forces Republicans to either hang the Speaker or defend him.  Neither is desirable, especially with only a month before the elections.  Even so, one path must be chosen.

The inevitable PR nightmare is already upon us, but the worst risk of all is that of defending someone who fell short of his responsibility to defend minors from members of Congress.  Speaker Hastert, while not the primary offender here, simply failed to fulfill his responsibility to the American people.  Forcing his resignation will prolong the publicity for the situation, but it will also show that Republicans are unwilling to tolerate such lapses.  Like it or not, being associated with the Speaker right now is a bad thing, and every Republican candidate for Congress will be vulnerable to new attacks so long as he continues to serve in the Congressional leadership.  It is time for him to do the right thing by his Party and step aside.

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