Ensign to Head NRSC

Roll Call is reporting that Sen. John Ensign will head the NRSC for the 2008 election cycle.  Ensign is a curious choice, as many expected the job to once again go to a member of the class of 2004.  Ensign is a respected campaigner, who nearly ousted Sen. Harry Reid when he first ran for Senate.

Ensign will have his work cut out for him, as Republicans will be defending nearly twice as many seats as the Democrats.  The selection is somewhat curious in that, while there are Western seats up for grabs, most of the battle for control will be fought in the Midwest and South.  Hopefully, though, Ensigh will be able to recruit strong candidates in his part of the country to enable Republicans to hold Alaska, New Mexico, and Oregon while putting up strong challengers in Alaska and Montana.  Obviously, the wisdom of the decision remains to be seen, but one thing is for certain.  It will not take much to outdo his predecessor.

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