Far Out Friday: Sherrod Brown

Introducing a new feature for RS.  Every Friday from now until November, I will profile a Democrat Senate candidate, showing how they are simply too liberal for the state they seek to represent.  Fortunately, Democrats nationally have made this an incredibly easy task, having now eliminated one of two Democrats who had the chance to escape this distinction.  (Sen. Ben Nelson gets a pass too.)  This week’s candidate is Sherrod Brown.

During his seven terms in the House, Sherrod Brown has compiled one of the most liberal voting in the body.  In fact, his lifetime ACU rating of 8 is tied with Tom Lantos.

Just how liberal is Sherrod Brown?  He advocated at state health plan not unlike that of then First Lady Mrs. Clinton.  The plan required universal health insurance of all Ohioans, something that would have resulted in a costly bureaucratic mess and would not have provided quality health care.  That plan at the national level was, of course, defeated in a Democrat Congress.

On taxes, the old adage that “he never met a tax he didn’t hike” was never more true than in the case of Rep. Brown.  In 2001, he voted against the Bush tax cuts.  This, of course, was no surprise, as he had voted to raise taxes to that level in 1993.

In 1996, Brown proved himself further out of the mainstream by opposing the highly successful Welfare Reform bill, something supported by half of all House Democrats.  The legislation placed limits on the amount of time that individuals could receive welfare, gave more flexibility to the states, and authorized states to require community service of those on welfare for an extended period.  Fortunately, President Clinton was more conservative that Brown and signed the legislation.

On social issues, Brown is no better.  He has gone so far as to oppose a ban on partial-birth abortion.  He is also a staunch supporter of gay rights, opposing not only a Constitutional amendment banning gay marriage, but even a state ban.  From the NRA, he gets an ”F” rating.

Simply put, Sherrod Brown is too far out for Ohio. 

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