PA Republicans Join Mickey Mouse Club

Pennsylvania Republicans smartly funded a drive to collect enough signatures to get Green Party candidate Carl Romanelli on the Senate ballot, a move that would likely have taken 3-4 percent from Democrat Bob Casey, Jr.  The move, while dirty, is smart politics.  I´d applaud the move if I were backing the incumbent, so I won´t knock it even though I´m not.

The amusing part, however, is that the brainiacs who came up with the idea forged most of the signatures.  Apparently unaware of the latest craze known as the phone book, they came up with such names as Mickey Mouse, Mona Lisa, and Lee H. Oswald.  Shockingly, the Democrats actually checked the signatures and the gig is up.  Democrats have taken the issue to court and Romanelli´s name is all but certain to be removed from the ballot.

The Democrats have yet to offer any evidence that the Santorum campaign itself was behind the effort.  Even so, voters will likely take out their anger over the fraud on the Senator in November.  This is especially harmful to a Santorum campaign that could be capitalizing on the results of the Connecticut primary rather than having to play defense over inept fraud perpetuated by people attempting to help him get elected.  With friends like Mickey Mouse and Mona Lisa, who needs enemies?

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