Two Northeast Incumbents Toast

Senators Joe Lieberman and Rick Santorum Samuel Mudd had better start putting together their resumes as new polls confirming old ones show that they´ll both be returned to the private sector in January.  Scott Rasmussen shows the junior traitor, er, Senator, from Pennsylvania trailing by 11 with Casey, RS´s sole endorsed Democrat, at 50.  Only once this year has Rasmussen shown Mudd above 40%.  Given any other set of circumstances, a national Party would throw in the towel on this one and focus on more competitive races.  Why the GOP has not yet done so remains a mystery.

Similary, Sen. Joe Lieberman continues his plunge against upstart challenger Ned Lamont.  Lieberman is prepared to take his fight into November after losing the primary next week.  While I had speculated that this might offer the GOP a chance, nominee-to-be Alan Schlesinger has found himself battling ethics troubles and has been unable to garner any significant support.  Sen. Lieberman will head into the general election a wounded duck, and will likely hit the ground pretty hard in November.

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