What if We Lose that Other Body?

A Communist dream come true: 

The Judiciary Committee would be chaired by John Conyers (D-MI) instead of James Sensenbrenner (R-WI). On the docket are HR 636 Censuring President Bush, HR 9 Voting Rights Act, HR 5151 Freedom of Choice Act which would codify Roe v. Wade, and HR 2092 Comprehensively Reform the Immigration and Nationality Act, which was introduced by Sheila Jackson-Lee and is the strongest pro-immigrant bill pending. She would chair the Immigration Sub-Committee.

The Committee on Rules would be chaired by Louise Slaughter (D-NY) instead of David Dreier (R-CA). Waiting to be heard is HR 635 to Create a Select Committee for Possible Impeachment.

The Ways and Means Committee would be chaired by Charles Rangel (D-NY), instead of Bill Thomas (R-CA). Waiting to be heard is HR 676 Health Care for All and HR 4197 The Hurricane Katrina Recovery Act.

The Education and the Workforce Committee would be chaired by George Miller (D-CA), instead of Howard P. ‘Buck’ McKeon (R-CA). Waiting to be heard is HR 1696 Employee Free Choice Act, the right to unionize; HR 1704 The Second Chance Act to assist young people after incarceration; HR 5150 Reverse the Raid on Student Aid; and HR 551 the Student Privacy Protection Act regarding turning over names of students to the military.

The International Relations Committee would be chaired by Tom Lantos (D-CA), a member of the Progressive Caucus, which has been chaired by Henry Hyde (R-IL). Before this committee are eight bills dealing with redeployment and withdrawal of troops from Iraq.

The Republican leadership has kept all of these bills from getting on the calendar.

With a Democratic majority in the House, Nancy Pelosi would become the first woman Speaker. She and Harry Reid, who would preside over the Senate, have already announced bills that would be voted on in the first week of a House-Senate Democratic majority: Enact the 9/11 Commission recommendations, which Bush has shelved Raise the minimum wage Make prescription drugs affordable Cut interest rates for student loans in half Repeal billions of dollars in tax cuts to the rich and oil/ energy corporations.

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