Reid’s Ethical Troubles

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid has now admitted to taking free boxing tickets from the Nevada Athletic Commission while his staff was working on legislation with the Commission.  Marc Ratner, then-executive director of the Commission, had a clear position on the legislation.  “I am a states rights activist and I didn’t want any federal bill that would take away our state rights to regulate fights,” said Ratner.  The ethics violation fits nicely with Sen. Reid’s work on behalf of indian tribes associated with convicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff.  Since Democrats have rightly demanded the resignation of one of their own, Rep. William Jefferson, in whose refrigerator  the FBI found $90,000, from the House Ethics Committee, it only makes sense that they will now follow by demanding the resignation of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, at least from his leadership post.

As the investigations move on, one can’t help but wonder just how far this goes.  Accepting gifts from organizations that are directly affected by the legislation on which a particular Senator is working is a pretty serious allegation.  Ties to convicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff are too.

In case anyone was wondering, NRS 304.030 of the Nevada Statutes reads: “In case of a vacancy in the office of United States Senator caused by death, resignation or otherwise, the Governor may appoint some qualified person to fill the vacancy, who shall hold office until the next general election and until his successor shall be elected and seated.”

Allow me to be the first to call for the resignation of Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid’s resignation.  If Democrats are serious about cleaning up Washington, I would suggest that they follow suit.  They should not be bothered by the fact that Gov. Kenny Guinn (R) would choose his replacement because, as they are attempting to say, ethics are important.

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