Amnesty by any Other Name…

It was encouraging to learn that the President has finally come to the realization that the United States must secure its southern border.  He is to be applauded for finally beginning to take on those in Congress who do not recognize the right of a soverign state to protect its borders.  This is an important goal that is far too long in coming.

At the same time, however, the President still has not gotten the message that those who came to the United States illegally should not be given precedence over those who obeyed American laws.  While saying that they would not be given such precedence, the President´s proposal would do just that.  Those who built lives in the United States by breaking American laws would be shown a clear path to citizenship while those who obeyed the law would be left to take their chances in the lottery that would be the guest workers program.  They would maintain a chance at working in America, but no chance at achieving the same level of success as those whose first actions in America were to break the law. 

What message does the United States send to the world when it gives preference to those who do not play by the rules?  What´s next?  If you stole money ten years ago, that´s okay, but if you stole it yesterday, it´s not?  The ludicrous solution to those already living in the United States is neither desirable nor workable.  Those who ignored American law should never be permitted to become citizens, especially as others struggle to gain admission for only a temporary time.

The American people oppose amnesty, yet that is precisely what the President has proposed.  Now, conservatives in Congress must show their own fortitude since the President has not shown his.  They must not permit yet another precent to be set for America not protecting its borders.  Without borders there is no country, and it is up to the federal government, now the Congress, to ensure that those borders are created, as at present they are meaningless. 

What´s more is that the President ignored another important aspect of immigration reform.  He must take a stronger position against the governments of Latin America in terms of them forcing to solve their own problems.  Their education systems and economies are in shambles, and rather than deal with those problems, Vicente Fox is telling his people how to come to America illegally.  That is the source of the problem, and any plan that does not include solving that problem is doomed to fail.

Ultimately, the current controversy has been very helpful in terms of finally forcing the government to address a continuing problem.  At the same time, the government is not dealing with the problem as it needs to.  Serious problems need serious solutions, and attempting to solve the immigration problem without first punishing those who have broken American law and second dealing with the governments of Latin America which created the problem is futile.  Hopefully these concerns will be addressed in the coming months.

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  1. Doug Says:

    I’m glad that people in Washington, especially the President, have finally admitted that there is a problem. That is the first step. The second step will have to be to hold on for the next two years and not do anything stupid as Republicans (such as granting amnesty). The third step will be to elect someone who will truly be tough on illegal immigration in 2008!

  2. Doug Says:

    On a completed unrelated note:
    1) Where is Sen. McCain? He hasn’t cast any votes today in the Senate and they are covering illegal immigration. I am curious to see how he will vote.

    2) Does anyone know what committe is going to handle the Hayden hearing?

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