Elizabeth Dole: A Year and a Half Older; Still Clueless

This morning, Elizabeth Dole commented on several Senate races at a Christian Science Monitor breakfast.  In her comments, she showed that after a year and a half of heading up the NRSC, she still has no idea what she’s doing.  For starters, she called the record of Sen. Mike DeWine “mainstream”.  Sen. DeWine is running neck and neck with Sen. Snowe as the least popular Republican (among Republicans) seeking reelection this year after Lincoln Chafee.  He has time after time betrayed his Party faithful.  While it is fair enough to say that he is better than his opponent, and Dole would be wrong to criticize the Senator, calling his record “mainstream” is nothing short of an insult to the members of the caucus that better represent the conservative movement.

Saying that Rep. Katherine Harris will “work her head off” is less tha complimentary.  Yes, the focus will now be on Sen. Bill Nelson, exactly where it should have been for the last year.  Dole, however, has been a bit slow on the uptake and has severely hampered her Party’s chances of taking the seat by focusing on destroying the GOP nominee-to-be rather than forcing Nelson to defend his record.

Perhaps the most encouraging item coming out of Dole’s statements is that the will not entertain the idea of Lincoln Chafee, the most disloyal Republican in Congress, will not be the nominee.  Dole’s utter ineptitude in her current position does not say much for her political abilities or insight.  She has been beaten left, right, and sideways by her Democrat counterpart, and it should be encouraging to all conservatives that she does not consider Cranston Mayor Steve Laffey a viable candidate.

For those of you keeping score, Elizabeth Dole has been trounced in fundraising, out-recruited, out-worked and out-smarted by DSCC Chair Chuck Schumer.  The three non-incumbent Republican candidates who have the best chance of winning their respective seats, Steve Laffey, Mark Kennedy, and former-Rep. Ed Bryant, were not recruited by Elizabeth Dole.  Each of those that she has recruited are trailing, mostly badly, in their respective races.  Regardless of what happens on election night, Republicans will have cause to celebrate the opportunity to chose a new Chair.

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