Washington Dems Divided

Sen. Maria Cantwell now finds herself fending off attacks from the right and the left.  Deaniac State Party Chairman Dwight Pelz is proving a formidable foe for his Party’s incumbent, attacking her for not being as liberal as he is.  While in many races this would be nothing more than idle chatter to build himself up for Party base, it presents a unique issue in Washington this year, as the Green Party is running Aaron Dixon, a candidate whom the likes of Pelz may find more to their liking.

In a year that is shaping up to favor Democrats, though not as heavily as some earlier assumed, Pelz is handing Republican Mike McGavick a gift by serving to divide his Party.  McGavick still has a long way to go if he is to have any hope of knocking off the incumbent, yet he is within striking distance.  In this case, it would be beneficial for McGavick to talk about Iraq at every opportunity.  Raising the profile of the issue in the race would serve to exploit the divide among Democrats and give him the opportunity to rally voters around a clear alternative.  He’s still an underdog, but Dem infighting could end up being his ticket to Washington.

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