DeWine Survives, with Problems

Last night, Sen. Mike DeWine won his primary with roughly 72% of the vote in his primary.  I draw the distinction because he actually won only about 68% of the vote relative to the number of votes cast in the gubernatorial primary.  What this means is that 32% of Republican primary voters chose not to vote for DeWine.

Yesterday I suggested that anything below 70% should set off alarm bells in the DeWine campaign.  Well, 68% suggests that he has a serious base problem.  That means that there were more than the friends and relatives of the candidates voting against DeWine.  After getting only 62% of the vote in his primary, House Majority Leader Tom DeLay called it quits.  Taking into account that the state of Ohio isn’t even close to as conservative as DeLay’s district, DeWine’s showing is a real problem.

It’s a long shot, but might DeWine follow DeLay’s lead and do the right thing by dropping out?

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  1. 21st majority Says:

    I think you are reaching for the 68%. He got 72% in the primary, will not the best it is still quite a lead. If you had compared the total GOP votes to the dem votes DeWine would have won by 52.27% to 47.73%. DeWine is in trouble, but he still is winnable. And the idea of DeWine leaving the race is a pipe dream. If DeWine leave, Brown will win. Right now the polls are showing DeWine leading Brown with 3-11 points. DeWine does have some problems, but he is still very well situated to win in November.

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