DeWine in Trouble Tonight???

Due to a judge’s ruling, the polls will remain open for two extra hours at a precinct in Cuyohoga County (that’s right, Cleveland).  Leave it to the Democrats to cheat in their own election.  As such, the Secretary of State will not release results until 9:30.  Very early returns, though, were briefly published on the Columbus Dispatch’s website.  I cannot overemphasize that the results that they published were very early returns and a very small sampling.  That said, DeWine was running third.  This could be an interesting night in the Buckeye State.

Update: It now appears that Sen. DeWine has won his primary.  What is not yet clear is just how many of his state’s Republicans would rather have someone else on the ballot.  As results are coming in slowly, more on this tomorrow.

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  1. pjd Says:

    Looks like he ended up around 71%. I would have preferred 49%, but, hey, take what you can get.

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