DeWine`s Real Poll

Tomorrow, voters in three states will go to the polls to express their first preferences for the races in their respective states.  Perhaps the most intriguing of the match-ups will be the Republican Primary in Ohio.  Republicans are likely to have a reasonable turnout due largely to the Gubernatorial contest between Secretary of State Ken Blackwell and Attorney General Jim Petro.  This could lead to some interesting results in the Senate primary.

Although Sen. Mike DeWine is the odds-on favorite, his path to the nomination has not been without its fair share of bumps in the road.  His participation in the Gang of 14 agreement was a major reason that Republicans nearly lost the special election in the heavily Republican Second Congressional District.  Now, voters who go to the polls for another race will have their chance to give Senator DeWine a piece of their minds.

Tomorrow`s primary will probably be a better indicator than any poll as to where exactly the incumbent stands heading into the November election.  Being a two-term Senator without well-financed primary opposition, DeWine should rack up 75-80 percent of the vote.  70 percent would be somewhat respectable.  Anything below that should set off the alarm bells in the DeWine campaign.

When Rep. Tom DeLay finished below expectations, he decided to call it quits.  If Sen. DeWine falls below expectations, might he do the same.

2 Responses to “DeWine`s Real Poll”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    That would be awesome. Any way to get rid of Dewine would be a good thing. My worry is that 2 GOOD candidates will spoil the shot at detroaning him. The left is shouting that Ohio needs change, I hope the right is seeing the same and votes in Republicans that actually share our values. it is about time the Ohio Rino done away with.

  2. Robert Smith Says:

    DeWine had better get off his high horse and remember who has been voting him in the last two terms. I have always supported DeWine in the past but I am not going to support him this time due to his voting to the left on social and economic issues. As a Christian, I am sending DeWine a message loud an clear that he had better start voting conservative and remember to support those Christian conservatives like they have supported him in the past. I am voting for David Smith a true fiscally and socially responsible conservative. I understand that other Christians are not supporting DeWine and they will be voting for either David Smith or William Pierce.

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