Martinez: I Was Wrong on Schiavo

Sen. Mel Martinez said in an interview that aired Sunday that he was wrong to sponsor legislation giving federal courts judirisdiction over the situation surrounding Terri Schiavo.  His comments were unnecessary and unwelcome, demonstrating yet again that Republicans fail to understand issues before they take positions on them.  He follows Bill Frist in his decision to distance himself from the legislation that he previously supported.

As with embryonic stem-cell research and cloning, these comments suggest that Martinez and Frist are not serious about doing their jobs.  Changing a position based on new information is one thing.  Changing a position based on poll results is another.  Regardless of what conclusions they would have reached with more serious thought on the issue, both Senators should be ashamed of themselves for not giving a life and death situation the attention that it deserved.  One can only hope that these Senators would give more thought to a matter like the declaration of war than they did to the determination of whether the federal government had a role in this life and death of Terri Schiavo.

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