Counter Play

After convincing everyone that he was going to tap Edith Clement, the President surprised everyone by selecting John Roberts, a white male. The President has made an excellent choice in his selection of John Roberts to replace Sandra Day O’Connor. Roberts has received criticism from People for the American Way and NARAL, among others. As usual, their opposition is extremely encouraging.

Judge Roberts has done pro bono work for the poorest of the poor. He has established solid conservative credentials and has experience in both the executive and judicial branches, which will well-prepare him for the broad range of cases that will come before him. His wife was also a former leader in Feminists for Life.

When he was nominated to the circuit court, he said that Roe was settled law and that he would apply Supreme Court precedent. Troubling? No. Roberts understands and respects the law enough to know his role as a lower court judge. Fortunately, he also has the backbone to do the right thing when cases that involve bad precedent come before him on the Supreme Court.

I would write more, but it has been a long (but g0od) day at work. The President has truly come through in a big way in the first SCOTUS test of his conservative credentials.

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