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How’d I Do?

Tuesday, November 8th, 2005

Pretty well outside of the Buckeye state, though I did underestimate the support of third-party candidates:
New Jersey Governor
Prediction: 52-48 Corzine
Result: 53-43 Corzine
Virginia Governor
Prediction: 51-48 Kaine
Result: 52-46 Kaine
Prop 73 (Parental Notification)
Prediction: 54-46 Yes
Result: TBD
Props 1-5
Prediction: All 5 pass
Result: 1 passed; 2-5 failed
New York City
Prediction: 54-46 Bloomberg
Result: 58-39 Bloomberg

Election Day Predictions

Tuesday, November 8th, 2005

Obviously this blog is devoted primarily to the Senate, but since today is Election Day, some predictions are in order:
New Jersey
Corzine 52
Forrester 48
Kaine 51
Kilgore 48
Proposition 73 (Parental Notification)
Yes 54
No 46
Proposition 77 (Election Reform)
Yes 42
No 58
Propositions 1-5 pass
New York City
Bloomberg 54
Ferrer 46
Feel free to post your predictions in the Comments section.