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Well Done, Sen. McConnell

Friday, June 6th, 2008

In his first real show of leadership in a long time, Sen. John Cornyn, doubtless at the direction of Sen. Mitch McConnell, effectively shut down the Senate with a procedural move earlier this week, punishing Democrats for their inaction on judicial nominations. By objecting to a routing procedural motion, Cornyn forced the Senate clerk […]

McCain Nearly Strikes Right Tone on Judges

Tuesday, May 6th, 2008

I will readily state that I have major misgivings about our Presidential nominee when it comes to judicial nominations. His history in the Senate of spurning highly qualified nominees in favor of the media-grabbing “middle ground” gives me pause when I consider whether I can cast my ballot for the chosen one. That […]

Earmarker in Chief?

Wednesday, April 30th, 2008

I have a million ideas and America can’t afford them all.
– Hillary Rodham Clinton
In what could be a foreshadowing of what is likely to come in a new Clinton Administration. the junior Senator from New York requested a jaw-dropping $2.3 billion in earmarks this year, three times more than any Senator received in the appropriations […]

Tom Udall Hearts High Gas Prices

Monday, March 3rd, 2008

Apparently not satisfied with his career-long support of high taxes, Udall is boosting his liberal credentials with opposition to energy independence and support for higher gas prices.  Udall, who has already opposed drilling in ANWR and supported raising taxes oil production, is now attempting to delay drilling in his home state.  Udall wants to give archaeologists more […]

Senate Votes Against National Defense

Thursday, February 14th, 2008

On Wednesday, fifty-one Senators voted to weaken American intelligence gathering and increase the risk of future terrorist attacks.  Forty-seven Democrats, including Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu, determined that the comfort of terrorists is more important than the lives of American citizens.  Waterboarding and other enhanced interrogation techniques were prohibited by the legislation.  Fortunately, the President does […]

Landrieu Seeks to Buy Reelection

Thursday, January 24th, 2008

Louisiana Sen. Mary Landrieu, whose political career may well end this November, is seeking to stave off disaster by buying her own reelection.  Rather than telling people the truth, i.e. that a coastal city that is in large part below sea level in a place that has been hit by a hurricane and could easily […]

Reason #8522543 To Be Grateful Tom Coburn is a Senator

Monday, December 10th, 2007

“As we approach the end of the year, I recognize that there is often an urge for Congress to engage in a last minute spending spree, approving bills costing millions of dollars with no debate or discussion.  In the remaining hours of this session of Congress, therefore, I will not agree to any unanimous consent […]

Uncle Ted Does It Again

Tuesday, November 20th, 2007

Sens. Ted Stevens (R-Alaska) and Daniel Inouye (D-Hawaii) call each other “brother,” and that brotherly relationship is paying off in defense earmarks worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

Stevens, the longest-serving Senate Republican, has secured $194 million in earmarks, while Inouye can boast of earmarks totaling $203.6 million, according to a database compiled by watchdog organization […]

Department of Disaster Relief?

Tuesday, November 13th, 2007

Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA) proudly proclaimed victory when a defense authorization bill that included billions of dollars for disaster relief passed the Senate.  The specific authorization filled a gap in funding for the Road Home project, which is funding the rebuilding of homes that were destroyed during Katrina.  The homes will all but certainly have […]

Principled Senators

Thursday, October 4th, 2007

Earlier this year, Sen. Craig Thomas lost his battle with leukemia.  Today, Sen. Pete Domenici announed his retirement because he was diagnosed with frontotemploral lobar degeneration (FTLD).  Both of these are conditions that some say could be cured and/or treated as a result of embryonic stem-cell research.
While the promise of embryonic stem-cell research has been […]