Project Missing Linc

On Wednesday, Judge Samuel Alito ratched up his fiftieth vote in favor of confirmation, including the vote of Democrat Ben Nelson.  He now has the support of fifty-three Republicans and three Democrats.  One of the two “Republicans” is Senator Lincoln Chafee of Rhode Island.  Coincidentally, Chafee was also missing in the 2004 Presidential election, writing in George HW Bush as a protest.  And when Republicans needed one more vote for the constitutional option last year?  You guessed it, missing again.

Now, we have the opportunity to show Senator Chafee that we are taking notice.  This September, Chafee will face Cranston Mayor Steve Laffey in the Republican Primary.  Laffey has a strong base of support and, unlike Chafee, announced his support for the confirmation of Judge Alito well before the votes had been counted.  He would not be a Sam Brownback or a Tom Coburn, but Laffey would be there when we need him.  That is why I am pledging to contribute $10 to the Laffey campaign for every day that it takes Linclon Chafee to announce his position on Alito’s confirmation after Alito already had the votes.  I urge you to follow suit with whatever amount you can.  If you’d like to participate, please leave the per diem amount you can pledge in the Comments section.  When Chafee finally takes a position, you can make your contribution here.

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  1. HugoDog Says:

    Go Lincoln!
    You ROCK, man.

  2. Peter Says:

    Support incumbent Chafee! He is the only hope in the general election.

    The GOP is supposed to be a ‘big-tent’ party; but if you throw Chafee to the wolves, we aren’t.

    Good republicans are moderates not religious extremists.

    more @

  3. Erin Bizon Says:

    I will match your 10 per day I think these RINO’s (hidden in plain site Liberals) need to go.

  4. Sean Says:

    Thanks Erin!

    Peter, I find it amazing how those who regularly depart from the Party Platform think that they get to define what a “good republican” is.

  5. Ce Ce Williams Says:

    I know. You know. We all know that Chafee is an INO!
    Chafee is obviously a Democrat, which is cool. (Yeah I’m pretty much a Democrat. Don’t hate me ‘cuz I’m beautiful.)
    But now he’s in this pickle because he didn’t just join the party that matches his ideals. Probably out of some kind of fillial piety. From a wantin’-to-be-a-good-son standpoint, I can respect that.
    But what a pickle he’s gotten himself into.
    Now he’s seeing why you need to call yourself what you are. This is a good policy to follow in life. Being an “in name only” candidate, forces you to go in one direction in a primary and another in a general election. And nothing can go in opposing directions and survive. Like my man Lincoln said about the ole house divided against itself.
    Speaking of Lincoln, Chafee, come on, man, you just can’t be all things to all people. It never works in the end.
    Now if you’d just run as a Democrat you could have been in a position of showing moral conviction. Now you’ve blown it. Sorry brah, maybe next election you’ll finally join your real party and finally gain some coherence and conviction to your stated beliefs.
    Sign Me,

    Ce Ce “Not On The Fence, And Not Leaning Any Which Way” Williams

  6. larry29 Says:

    I say adios to Chafee. If the guy is never there for our party, what in the world is the sense of wasting money to get him reelected? Better to have a Dem in the seat and than at least you know where you stand. We’ll be better for it in the long run with him gone.

  7. Peter Says:

    Sean - I find it interesting that those who take the GOP platform as the gospel of Jesus Christ (aka George W. Bush) think that dissension means dissenters don’t get a seat at the table.

    Christine Todd Whitman, Rudy Giuliani, Condi Rice and others are all centrist Republicans who are being rolled over because they don’t follow the uber-conservative agenda of the religious right. It is sick! “It’s Our Party, Too!”

    The Republican party, if it keeps up its current extremist path, will lose membership and control of power for a LONG time. Most Americans are centrists/moderates who don’t like extremism. Unfortunately, both parties are currently extremists.

    Whichever party moves back to the center will be the one that stays in power for the next generation. Apparently, you don’t think that this is my decision, though. So good luck keeping your GOP together, I hope for the sake of moderate GOPers - you make the right decision.

  8. harris Says:

    Now we sound just like Demos. Cut off your nose to spite your face. We desperately need to keep control of the Senate. We will probably lose at least two seasts this year, maybe more. Do we really want Reid to be majority leader because we can’t stomach some of Chafee’s votes. The simple fact is that if Chafee goes in the primary, we lose the seat and could lose the senate. Who really, really wants that?

  9. 21st majority Says:

    I think Chafee should be thrown over board. He is different from the Maine twins and the Specters. When put in a tight spot Specter promised up and down he would be a good Republican and suported the President. Chafee on the other hand has said he does not suport the president and has voted against the tax cuts and the judicial nominees. Chafee is no better than the dems. If the senate is 50/50 again he will jump ship, just like Jeffords. It would be better to throw him out than let him jump. Chafee is not like his father. While John was a moderate he suported the party and did not take every chance he could to smear the party. He was a moderate in the big tent. Chafee is the wild elephant in the tent that is thretening to tear it down. Every time he turns on the party he hurts the base and garners bad media for the GOP. We have a big tent, but there is a limit of the tolerence that can be excepted. Chafee has over steped the line and is no better than a dem. The only vote he is good on is the majority leader (and when 50/50 again he will jump). The other moderates are better Republicans. At the very leat we should let the Rhode Islanders decied for themselves and stay out. The NRSC only hurts themselves with their suport of Chafee. In my opinion, Chafee should go. He will not help the majority and should be thrown over before he jumps.

  10. Sentinel Says:

    I think Laffey might be a Tom Coburn when it comes to government spending.

  11. pc Says:

    Chafee Needs To Stay, he is maybe the only Sane person we have right now. Chafee will vote for Alito.We have an ugly face right now with the James Dobson’s telling us how to vote. We used to be a courage party that made up our minds and not telehone ultra religous men and women on how we ere supposed to vote . In fact these ultra religous people are using us for their own agenda and I remember when as a party we would never allow that to happen. If we throw Chafee out we lose seats ,remember that………

  12. 21st majority Says:

    The seat is already lost with Chafee. He never sides with use, so what is the use in keeping he there. It would be making the seat the same as the letter behind the name. Chafee has to go, or make some big promises to say and be a loyal GOPer. Laffey is not Coburn. He won in the dem city for starters.

  13. Sean Says:

    Peter, most Republicans don’t follow the President mindlessly. You need look no farther than the Miers nomination to see that. Of course, you could also look at government spending, immigration, and Medicare if you want to see other examples of issues on which there has been tremendous disagreement in the GOP. What’s more, it has been the success of the conservative agenda at the ballot box that has put the GOP in power. The three people you mentioned are not curerently serving in elective office, and their home states do not have a Senate Republican among them. What’s more, the parties in those states are arguably the most liberal in the country and regularly run liberal candidates.

    PC, if you think Chafee’s the only sane person we have right now, the GOP isn’t the right Party for you. I’m not saying that every Republican has to agree with everything in the platform, but on the whole, Chafee would fit better in the other party.

  14. Scott Says:

    I say support Laffey. If Lincoln manages to win the primary (he likely will) he’s slightly better than any Jack Reid clone running against him.

    But we have to make our stand as conservatives and support an actual Republican in the primary. “Electability” is what caused the Democrats to select John Kerry in ‘04. Need I say more?

  15. Peter G Says:

    Chafee is a fool. He was an idiot when Mayor of Warwick and he’s an idiot now. Go Laffey!

  16. Joe Mahn Says:

    Where do you all get your information and how do you formulate your ideas about things. Intellectual honesty requires fair and honest research. Do some research on Laffey.

    They (local republicans) said it would be impossible for him to win his first race for Mayor in 2002. He ran against a seasoned political guy with state wide name recognition and won handily on a financial expert platform. The city was broke.

    Everyone told him it was “impossible” to change things in two years. He changed everything.

    Two years later the crooked unions in the city and the state ganged up on the guy and financed a puppet republican primary candidate to “get rid of the guy.” Laffey beat the guy to a pulp (65% to 35%) and then went on to beat the dem 60% to 40% in a landslide.

    J Mahn

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