Giving New Meaning to the Word “Insulting”

In his attempt to convince Democrats that he can in fact attract white voters, Sen. Barack Obama has turned to none other than former KKK leader Sen. Robert Byrd. Byrd, who has come so far in his views on race that just a few years ago he used the term “white niggers” on FoxNews (video above), cited their shared view on the military action in Iraq as the reason for his endorsement. His opponent, Sen. Clinton, has waffled on the issue.

Perhaps most striking about the endorsement is that it comes in the wake of Sen. Obama’s insulting comments toward middle Americans. Obama is trying to demonstrate to his fellow Democrats that he can in fact pick up the support of white Americans living in what is referred to on the coasts as “fly-over country”. Apparently Sen. Obama considers Sen. Byrd, a former leader of a hate group and someone who clearly hasn’t come nearly as far on race as some would like to think, representative of such people. As Sen. Obama tries to dig himself out of the ever-deepening hole into which he has dug himself, it seems that he can only dig deeper. It is abundently clear that the Senator simply doesn’t get and can’t connect with those who don’t live in major cities, except, of course, as Paul Begala calls them, some of the “eggheads” in Minnesota.

As his apparent nomination becomes more secure, Sen. Obama seems to be doing everything he possibly can to reinforce the very doubts being created by Illinois’ third Senator. He continues to fail to win primary states that do not include a large percentage of African-American voters, and his campaign currently shows signs of only falling further behind not only Sen. Clinton but also Sen. McCain in those states. While it would be difficult for Democrats to fully reassess their selection of a nominee at this point, one can’t help but wonder if they are in fact trying to lose what should be the easiest Presidential election since 1980, if not 1932.

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