FRC Action Endorces Pearce

Rep. Steve Pearce picked up the endorsement of the FRC’s political branch on Wednesday, thus bolstering his claim that he is the real conservative in the race to replace retiring Sen. Pete Domenici. Pearce, who has been among the best friends of social conservatives, earned the endorsement for his support of a ban on human cloning, his opposition to federal funding of abortion, and his opposition to federal funding of embryonic stem-cell research, among others. These issues present a clear distinction between Pearce and his pro-choice primary opponent, Rep. Heather Wilson.

The endorsement is the latest in a series for Rep. Pearce, who also enjoys the support of the Campaign for Working Families, the Club for Growth, the National Right to Life Committee, and the Susan B. Anthony List. Wilson, for her part, has rounded up the support of those who don’t understand the need for restraint in federal spending. Senators Kit Bond and Wayne Allard, for example, are supporting her largely because of her opposition to earmark reform and her free-spending habits. Hopefully these endorsements will continue to flow in on both sides so that New Mexican Republicans have the opportunity to see the contrast between the candidates as clearly as possible. A vote for Heather Wilson is a vote for the Republican Party that got obliterated in 2006 while a vote for Steve Pearce is a vote for the fiscal and social responsibility that put the Party back in power in 1994.

2 Responses to “FRC Action Endorces Pearce”

  1. Independent Ben Says:

    Not good. Not good at all.

  2. Jim Says:

    What do you make of the new NC Senate poll showing Libby down by one.? We cannot lose NC. What is so bad, if the Democrats smell blood, they will spend money here that they weren’t planning on spending. Thus, forcing the Republicans to do the same here rather than pouring money into states, (e.g. LA, CO).

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