“Democrat Running for Senate”

Although it looks like it could be from The Onion, that is in fact the headline from Lincoln Channel 10 in Nebraska.  Apparently Larry Marvin, whose political experience consists of a single loss in a race for the State Legislature a decade ago, has decided that he’s bored and needs something to do this year.  In case you’re wondering who Larry Marvin is, well, you’re not alone.  What information does his home state media have about the Democrats’ only candidate for Senate thus far?  “Marvin ran for the Legislature in 1998, but lost. He said he’s an Air Force veteran, property owner and longtime active Democrat.”

So how exactly is it that this political unknown even got a mention in the local press when so many similar candidates never get noticed?  Simple really: every viable Democrat has already passed on the race, and now the Democrats are divided among candidates who stand no chance of victory.  The Washington establishment knows how poorly Democrats fair in Nebraska, so they are attempting to draft Tony Raimondo, who was a Republican up until last month, into the race.  This is infuriating some bloggers, who are trying to draft Congressional race loser Scott Kleeb into the race.  It’s so much fun to watch desperate Democrats self-destruct over a race that they stand no chance of winning.

For his part, Johanns passed the $1 million mark in fundraising over a month ago and is sure to file a fourth quarter report that will force the few remaining Democrats considering a bid to rethink it.  So powerful is Johanns that he forced popular state Attorney General Jon Bruning out of the race shortly after entering.  Bruning, like the candidates the Democrats had hoped would run, realized that Johanns was just too strong.  Now Larry Marvin will have the benefit of finding out the same thing, even if it takes him a lot longer than it took former Sen. Bob Kerrey.

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