NC Dems Settle for Hagan

After failing to recruit Gov. Easley, any of the state’s Democrat Congressmen, and even a little-known state legislator, Democrats have finally settled for a little-known state Senator.  Kay Hagan will challenge Sen. Elizabeth Dole next year.  This is especially odd in light of the fact that she said earlier this month that she would not run.  Apparently North Carolinians will have a difficult time believing anything Hagan says.  Hagan’s announcement comes on the heels of the other Democrat, Jim Neal, coming out of the closet.

Recent polling shows Hagan holding Dole under 50, but at a sizeable disadvantage.  Dole had $2.3 million in the bank at the end of the last quarter, not an insignificant advantage just a year out.  Hagan will have to base her pitch on Dole’s poor numbers, but that will be a tough sell when so many others have already signaled that they consider Dole too strong for the risk.  Is it over?  Not quite, but suffice it to say that the fat lady has finished warming up and is behind the curtain waiting for it to be lifted.


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