Chavez: Udall an Extremist

Albuquerque Mayor Martin Chavez, the ledaing Democrat candidate to replace retiring Senator Pete Domenici, spoke out about Rep. Tom Udall, whom some Democrats are still trying to convince to enter the Senate race even after he said that he would not.  “Philosophically, he’s so far to the left,” Chavez said, talking about why his candidacy would be problematic for Democrats.  Coming from someone in his own Party, someone who still has to win the primary, that’s saying something.

Chavez, though, speaks the truth.  Chavez has a 4.2 lifetime ACU rating, scored a big fat 0 from the Club for Growth last year, and has one of Congress’s most extreme pro-abortion ratings.  That doesn’t go over well in what is a closely divided state, one of only three to flip at the Presidential level from 2000-2004.  In fact, outside of major cities, Chavez may well be the most liberal member of the House.

Perhaps this will convince more Democrats to get behind a Udall candidacy.  He will surely have the support of, NARAL, Ted Kennedy, and Ralph Nader for good measure.  While that may go over well on the coast, it is hard to see it getting him much support in a relatively moderate state.  Might Hispanics save him?  It’s possible, but Rep. Steve Pearce represents the most Hispanic district in the state, so it’s hard to see Udall making up the difference in a community in which Pearce polls better than just about any other Republican.  Democrats may want Udall to run, but they should be careful what they wish for.  Clinton/Udall will go over like a lead balloon.

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