Minority of Senators Take Oaths Seriously

Today, 42 Senators demonstrated that they take their oaths of office seriously.  The Senate defeated a cloture motion on legislation that would have given the District of Columbia a Congressman.  The legislation was facially unconstitutional, and its proponents are enemies of the Constitution.  Unfortunatley, seven Republicans voted with every Democrat save Max Baucus and Robert Byrd to violate the Constitution.  It is beyond appauling that so few members of the Senate, including seven Republicans, take their oaths of office so lightly.

2 Responses to “Minority of Senators Take Oaths Seriously”

  1. Joseph Says:

    What’s really “appauling” is the way that 42 US Senators seem to act like it’s still the 1770’s, and when you look a little closer, not so much. Wasn’t our battle cry against the English “Taxation Without Representation!”?

    Be real. If DC wasn’t a Democratic stronghold, youd be sparing the melodrama. :P

  2. Sean Says:

    You do know that there is a process for amending the Constitution, right?

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