Gordon Smith Catches a Break

It’s been a very tough summer for us, but finally we have some good news.  Former NEA Director John Frohnmayer announced that he will run for the seat as an independent.  In a poll taken last month, Frohnmayer took seven percent, suggesting that his candidacy could cause major problems for Democrat Jeff Merkley’s campaign.  An advocate of troop withdrawl and impeachment, Frohnmayer will take the Nader component in Oregon, not a small constituency.  Maybe the nutroots will be true to themselves and get behind Frohnmayer.

2 Responses to “Gordon Smith Catches a Break”

  1. Virginia Brigand Says:

    The war is really unpopular in Oregon. Gordon Smith, unfortunately, is still going down.

  2. Sean Says:

    Don’t count on it. He has a tough race, but especially with liberals divided, he can hold on in tough circumstances. He has won there before and he can do it again. It will take work, but that is one seat that we absolutely can’t concede.

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