Warner to Make it Official

It was a poorly kept secret on the internet, but now the traditional media has picked up on it: Former Virginia Governor Mark Warner will announce his candidacy for Senate tomorrow.  It was expected, but it’s still bad news.  Polls released yesterday showed Warner leading the two Republicans most likely to seek the seat, Rep. Tom Davis andformer Gov. Jim Gilmore, but another Republican may yet emerge.

Both Davis and Gilmore are fairly well-known, though Gilmore much more so.  It is unlikely that anything could happen at this point that would shift the favorability numbers enough to make either of them competitive, no less victorious.  We clearly need someone else who has shown an ability to overcome tough odds in a campaign.

Pat Buchanan fits that bill.  Not only is he a great on-the-ground campaigner, but his candidacy would also mean that we would not be putting another House seat at risk.  He is charismatic and energetic, and someone who actually understands the positions he advocates.  In a state that is trending purple, he embodies traditional conservatism while demonstrating sufficient independence that Democrats could not accuse him of being strictly a Party guy.  He would bring out exactly the people that the leading Republican Presidential candidates would fail to energize, something that neither Davis nor Gilmore could do.  In doing so, he would definitely manage to make it competitive and potentially snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.

3 Responses to “Warner to Make it Official”

  1. jeremy Says:

    Are you for real. Buchanan would not be taken as a serious candidate plus he only appelas to the fringe right. I don`t really like either gilmore or davis but Pat would just be a Ralph Nader type, interesting but not viable.
    Let`s just give the dems this seat and not blow a lot of money on it.We will need it in other states where we can win.

  2. demomoke Says:

    As a Democrat, I hope to high heaven that Pat Buchanan decides to get in this race and doubly hope Republicans are stupid enough to nominate him. After the last 15 years of political scientists’ analysis and dissection of his “culture war” speech at the RNC, it has forever tarred Buchanan as an intolerant in the eyes of most political independents. While he may excite some of the Republican right wing nutjobs, Buchanan would have no chance in a general election. In fact, against Mark Warner, I don’t think any Republican not named Tom Davis has a real chance, and Davis will only make it look good.

  3. Virginia Brigand Says:

    I’m not sure Pat could break 40% in Virginia.

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