Go Pat Go! Go Pat Go!

Buchanan.jpgThat’s right!  According to The Hill, Patrick Buchanan is being discussed as a possible candidate for Senate in Virginia.  Unlike the other two likely candidates, Rep. Tom Davis and former Gov. Jim Gilmore, Buchanan is both an outspoken conservative and an aggressive campaigner.  His candidacy would be a welcome addition to the Republican field.

Buchanan distinguished himself as a strong campaigner when he took the New Hampshire primary from front-runner Bob Dole in 1996.  Sadly, he was swamped in fundraising and Republicans nominated a squish who blindly walked to an inevitable defeat in November of that year.  Buchanan is better known, though, for his culture war speech in 1992.  Contrary to popular myth, Bush’s numbers rose after the speech and waned only later in the campaign.  His charisma and energy could make him a force to be reckoned with in what will likely be a competitive Senate primary.

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  1. CTindy Says:


    Warner 54
    Gilmore 34

    Warner 57
    Davis 30

  2. Virginia Brigand Says:

    Buchanan’s entry helps Tom Davis - the best candidate.

  3. Go Pat! Says:

    Yes! Finally a real conservative.

  4. Doug in Mount Vernon Says:

    Best candidate? You have a point. Usually snake oil salesmen do well in politics. Best Senator? That’s Mark Warner. Hands down.

  5. Dan Says:

    I take great exception to referring to Bob Dole as a “squish”. The man was grievously wounded in WW II and devoted his entire life to public service. He deserves a great deal more respect than that.

    Insulting people simply because they weren’t your first choice for a nomination or don’t share all your political views is one of those things that is all too common these days. And it is something that needs to change. A little simple common decency toward one another would be very refreshing.

    I have always thought Pat Buchanan was an interesting guy. Even when I disagree with him I have enjoyed how he often asks questions which no one wants raised. Often questions that need very much to be asked and discussed.

    I plan to vote for Mark Warner next year. And I’d place a significant bet that he’ll be our Junior Senator come January 2009.

  6. netrootsdemocrat Says:

    I’m a far lefty, but if there’s ONE conservative who I wouldn’t mind losing a seat to, it’s Pat Buchanan. I believe he’s a hero to the American worker and to American sovereignty.

    Hell, I might even support him, as I am adamantly opposed to these sell-out “trade deals” that Mark Warner probably supports as a centrist.

  7. thisguy Says:

    from a democrat: GO PAT GO!!!

  8. bcf Says:

    I believe he’s a hero to the American worker and to American sovereignty.

    Pat Buchanan would repeal minimum wage laws, overtime laws, osha, and every union certification in the county in a minute if he had the chance. Then he’d shred your social security check to keep you working till you drop.

    That’s how your hero would keep American jobs in America.

  9. Sean Says:

    bcf, Any evidence of any of that, or did you just think you could make unsubstantiated statements and get away with it?

  10. Canaan Says:

    He’s a nightmare on social issues as far as I’m concerned. Pat’s very smart on foreign policy and would have been a much better President than Bush. I don’t trust Pat, only because he is so smart I can’t tell when he’s lying. I hope he is the Republican nominee, though I want Warner to win. But the Repubs would do well to get back to the Buchanan types - honest conservatives I totally disagree with on most issues, but whom I can trust at least not to damage and demean the country the way Bush has.

  11. sic semper tyrannis Says:

    That’s the best news I’ve heard involving our nation’s leadership a long time, paleo-conservatism is coming back, the republicans have betrayed us, the democrats are a disgrace, the people have spoken, GO PAT GO!!

  12. Gölök Says:

    US Daily said he isn’t, ( http://www.usadaily.com/article.cfm?articleID=87530 ). Plus he maintains he’s a Independent Conservative, even if he did it likely be as a second class citizen (third party) Candidate or third class (independent) citizen candidate. The GOP might be trying to bribe him with Candy like Ron Paul and a Senate Nomination to get him back, a gift basket of “sorry we miss you” cards and gift nominations.
    I rather he seek GOvernor or President as an Independent; he’s more of an executive or leader personality; granted the senate is more of an ambassador to the US House from the state, but at most maybe a potential Ron Paul delegate.
    Bob Barr’s contrition may suggest dropping the legal branch (bar licence) and joining the Senate as a Libertarian, he could do it at this point.
    Neil Evangelista is a good candidate potential against Crist or the Presidency as a late LP entry.


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