Culture of Hypocrisy, Texas Edition

In 2001, Mikal Watts, the Democrat frontrunner to take on Sen. John Cornyn, threatened a legal opponent, telling him that he would be better off settling out of court because Watts had bought the court.  Most people wait until after they are elected to engage in conduct that so blatantly violates even a base standard of ethics.  That Watts would put such a statement in writing clearly demonstrates that not only does he not act according to base standards of right and wrong, but that he isn’t actually aware of any such standards.

There is plenty of room for disagreement on whether Sen. Craig engaged in illegal behavior in an airport restroom.  For his alleged actions, Sen. Craig was forced out of office.  Watts’ actions are clearly far worse than Sen. Craig’s.

Watts’ letter shows that he firmly believes that government is and should be for sale.  If Watts can buy a court in Texas, there is every reason to believe that he would attempt to buy every vote in Congress.  With his money, he could conceivably buy votes by contributing to the DSCC, the DCCC, the DNC, and state and local party organizations or, by contrast, not contributing in exchange for Republican votes.  In Watts’ world, all of that would be perfectly legimiate.

Most of the time it is difficult to weed out those who are most corrupt in Washington because they are part of an entrenched establishment.  In this case, we already know that the candidate is corrupt.  It is clear that Watts’ has already abandoned all ethical standards and has engaged in behavior unbecoming of his positions.  Mr. Watts should withdraw from the race immediately because, Republican or Democrat, the decisions of the government should not be sold at auction.

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