Dead Man Walking

Since the news of Sen. Larry Craig’s arrest broke yesterday, he has had a disastrous press conference, been removed from his committee assignments, had at least three elected officials call for his resignation, and seen a poll that says that a majority of Idahoans want him to resign.  That’s not death by a thousand cuts.  It’s more like an ambush.

While Senator Craig has served Idahoans and his country well, and in an ideal world could continue to do so, it is time for him to go.  Senator Craig can never regain the clout that he had, and it is unlikely that he could be reelected.  At this point, the only thing that Craig could do by remaining in the Senate any longer is drag down Republicans nationally and potentially put even his own seat in jeopardy.  If Craig could continue to effectively promote the conservative agenda, as I believe David Vitter can if only because his constituents and his colleagues reacted differently, I would say that he should stay put, ride it out, and map out a strategy to recover.  Simply put, he can’t do that.  Senator Craig needs to resign yesterday so that we can move beyond this and not face further damage to GOP prospects in 2008.

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