Time to Pony Up

Okay folks.  I’ve been blogging for well over a year now providing commentary mostly on Senate races and some Senate policy-making.  It’s not a major contribution to the conservative cause, but it’s something.  Now, I’m asking you, the readers, to do something.

RightRoots.org just launched the Republican answer to ActBlue.  I am among the first to have my own slate of candidates.  I’ll have a permanent link to it on the sidebar.  Early money is extremely important, and I would encourage you to give whatever you can to the candidates I have selected.  These candidates were selected based on their commitment to a conservative agenda and the likelihood that their races will become competitive.  Exclusion from the list does not necessarily indicate a lack of support, simply that I either consider a candidate safe (e.g. Cornyn) or not sufficiently conservative (e.g. Snowe) to warrant a fundraising attempt.  If you think that I have overlooked someone who should be included, please let me know by leaving a comment.

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