Reading the Tea Leaves: Cochran to Seek Reelection?

Today, Rep. Chip Pickering announced that he will retire from Congress to spend more time with his family.  Many think Pickering had been laying in wait for one of the Senate seats to open up, and his decision suggests that it is more likely than not that Sen. Thad Cochran will seek reelection.  Democrats do not have a candidate who can seriously challenge Cochran, but many think that former MS Attorney General Mike Moore could make a serious bid for an open seat.  If current suspicions are confirmed and Cochran seeks reelection, Mississippi will be off the table for 2008.

One Response to “Reading the Tea Leaves: Cochran to Seek Reelection?”

  1. Brett Kittredge Says:

    Cochran is expected to run. He has been raising money and that is usually the obvious sign. Its true Pickering has been thought of as the eventual successor to either Lott or Cochran but I think he would still be able to do that in 2012 (when Lott’s term is up) or 2014 (when Cochran’s next term would be up if he runs again).

    If Cochran was to retire, it would be a major upset for the Ds to take it. Mississippi will vote for Democrats in local races and statewide races, but I don’t see them sending some to D.C. who is going to help Ted Kennedy and Harry Reid. Mike Moore is respected, but a top R (Pickering or Wicker) could defeat him. Come to 2012, we may see Haley Barbour v. Mike Moore for the Senate- that would be some race to watch.

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