Pray for the Victims of the Peru Earthquake

I recently spent three months in Lima, Peru volunteering with an education-related NGO. When I arrived, I saw in person what I had previously only seen on the 30 second television ads that most people turn off. The children lived in single-parent families and were often abused. Potable water was delivered in trucks, as there was no running water in those areas. “Houses” were in many cases makeshift. Material that would not be suited to be a wall of a room in America was often the wall of a house. The children with whom I worked lived in conditions that most would consider unfit for aminals in America.

Tonight, their situation worsened. There was a 7.9 earthquake less than 100 miles from their homes. Many of those homes were likely destroyed. So far, 37 deaths have been confirmed. That number will skyrocket in the coming hours and days, as getting a count from the numbers where the casualties will be largest will be hard to come by. I am currently waiting to hear whether the children and volunteers with whom I worked are dead or alive. Even many of those who survived the quake will have an extremely difficult time getting their lives back together. Please take a moment out of your night to say a prayer for all those who lives have been impacted by the massive quake.

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