Rumors of Kennedy’s Decision Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

As reported here last week, Louisiana Treasurer John Kennedy announced that he would seek reelection this November.  Some interpreted that as a decision that he would not challenge Sen. Mary Landrieu next year.  After a few days, it has become clear that Kennedy’s decision was not meant as a statement that he would not run for Senate next year.  Democrats had been celebrating, but they should have kept their champaign on ice.  According to Sen. David Vitter, Kennedy does in fact plan to challenge Landrieu.

The Louisiana seat is absolutely critical.  One would be hardpressed to find anyone who seriously thinks that we have a snowball’s chance in Hell of retaking the Senate next year, but the Louisiana race, along with a handfull of others, will determine whether we will have a chance to take back the Senate within the foreseeable future.  If Jeanne Shaheen enters the New Hampshire race, Sen. John Sununu is not far from being a dead man walking.  Other Democrats are showing promise.  If we are to avoid heading back into permanent minority status, we need to make the entire South solid red.  Unless Gov. Huckabee enters the Arkansas race or Sen. Tim Johnson retires, Louisiana is the only realistic GOP target next year.  We need Kennedy to challenge Landrieu, and the Democrats must continue to dread the total destruction of the once seemingly indestructible Louisiana Democrat Party.

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