Rep. Baker Bows Out

Rep. Richard Baker announced that he will not challenge Sen. Mary Landrieu.  Baker’s name was one of several that has been bandied about for the seat.  Most consider Democrat State Treasurer John Kennedy the GOP’s best chance, and Sen. David Vitter has already said that Kennedy will change parties to make the bid.  As such, Baker’s announcement is not much of a surprise.  Louisiana remains the GOP’s best chance of a pick-up next year.

Update: According to one report, Kennedy sent an e-mail to supporters in which he said that he will run for reelection this year rather than challenge Landrieu.  Note that the mainstream media has not reported that he will not challenge, only that he will seek reelection.  If true, this is unmitigated bad news.  There are other names being bandied about, including both of the candidates who narrowly lost to Landrieu in her two previous races, Suzanne Tyrrell and Woody Jenkins.  Either would make a strong candidate.

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