Hypocricy at its Finest

Yesterday, former Sen. Tom Daschle sent out an e-mail authorized by Sen. Tim Johnson’s reelection campaign calling Republicans “sad” and “desperate” for publicly stating that Sen. Tim Johnson’s seat will be a top target next year.  He also accused Republicans of launching attacks against the incumbent.  Daschle ought to be ashamed of himself for making such a comment.

For starters, the NRSC and South Dakota Republican Party have not attacked Sen. Johnson since his episode back in December.  While Johnson’s record has remained the same, i.e. far more liberal than his state, Republicans have called the dogs off during what is a very important time during the course of a campaign.  Sen. Johnson has missed tough votes on Iraq, budget issues, stem-cell research, etc., all of which would likely have widened the already huge gap between him and his constituents.  He has not shown up for work in over half a year.  Throughout that time, though, Republicans have not even launched political attacks, nevermind personal attacks, against the incumbent.

What’s more, Democrats have raised more than $1 million for Johnson’s reelection campaign during the time that he has been incapacitated.  If anything, Daschle’s own political Party has crassly used the Senator’s condition as a political tool of getting a leg up on the opposition by effectively running a campaign for a likely candidate at a time when Republicans decided not to wage a campaign out of respect for the sitting  Senator.  Senator Daschle ought to be ashamed of himself for engaging in such a blatent ploy designed to exploit a Senator’s illness to subvert the political process.  He needs to apologize to Sen. Ensign and he needs to do it now.

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