OK DEM Unfit to Serve

“A man is known by the company he keeps.”  — Aesop

Apparently Oklahoma Senator Andrew Rice doesn’t care.  He has decided to associate himself with the most extreme elements of the left in his effort to replace Sen. Jim Inhofe.  This particular post ought to seal his fate.

Kossacks have long advocated surrender in Iraq, partial-birth abortion, tax hikes, and socialized medicine.  They are the people for whom Joe Lieberman was not liberal enough.  While it makes sense for Rice to take any support, especially financial, he can get in light of Sen. Inhofe’s formidable fundraising, Rice’s support for the site is not tacit.  Instead, he wants to engage in dialogue with them rather than with Oklahomans.  The two groups don’t mesh nicely.

While the socialist positions advocated on the site are bad policy, the community by and large has also engaged in politics at its worst.  They have encouraged the destruction of the personal lives of public officials.  They have effectively celebrated every mistake in Iraq.  They have lamented the end of the inhumane practice of partial-birth abortion.  Most disgustingly, they have hoped for and celebrated the deaths of politicians with whom they disagree.

Disagreement is one thing.  A lack of respect for any kind of civility, even human life, is another.  Mr. Rice is unfit to serve in the Senate not because he espouses liberal positions, but because he willingly associates with those who have no respect for anything except their own egos.

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