Vitter Apologizes for “Serious Sin”

I hesitate to post this due to the fact that it is part of Sen. Vitter’s personal life and not a matter of policy or politics.  Tonight, Sen. David Vitter apologized for what he called a “serious sin”, i.e. having apparently solicited a prostitute.  The news broke as his number appeared on the infamous DC Madam’s phone records.  Vitter claims that he has resolved the matter with God and with his family.  Hopefully he has done so.

Electorally, Vitter should have time to recover.  Although Louisiana is more religious than most states, Vitter has a good relationship with religious conservatives and has represented our views well in Congress.  He’s not the first member of Congress to have had an extramarital affair and he won’t be the last.  What’s more, scandals are nothing new to Louisiana politics.  This is a headache, but it should blow over without too much fanfare.

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