Dems Expanding Playing Field?

Sen. Elizabeth Dole got a break when Gov. Mike Easley decided not to challenge her.  Now, though, the Democrats may have found another challenger in Rep. Brad Miller.  Miller canceled the kickoff of his House campaign to reconsider a Senate bid.  He’s  is no Easley, but the third term Democrat has managed to win in a reasonably competitive part of the state.  Granted, last year he faced off against Vernon Robinson, a candidate even many conservatives struggled to take seriously, but he is a strong campaigner and must not be overlooked.

Miller’s problem, though, is that he has a record far to the left of his home state.  Among other things, Miller has opposed extensions of tax cuts, the Federal Marriage Amendment, and parental notification.  In fact, it is difficult to find a position on which Miller is in line with his state.  His only hope is that another national tide, due to Harry Reid getting his way in Iraq, could bring more Democrats who don’t belong there into office, and that he is successful in hiding his far left record from North Carolinians.  If he enters the race, Republicans will have to define him immediately rather than give him the opportunity that we gave too many Democrats last year.  Do that, and we win.  Fail, and we could be looking at a filibuster-proof Democrat majority.

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