Strike Three

New Hampshire Democrats swung and missed on their third choice of a challenger for Sen. John Sununu.  First, they wanted former Gov. Jeanne Shaheen to challenge him.  She opted out.  Then they targeted Gov. and potential self-financier Gary Hirshberg has backed down.  Apparently DSCC Chair Chucky Schumer is losing his touch.

While Sununu is not yet out of the woods, Hirshberg`s decision has him looking safer today than he did yesterday, and has Democrats more concerned with their chances of expanding their majority in New Hampshire.  Both Portsmouth Mayor Steve Marchand and Katrina Sweet remain in the race and would be viable opponents, but neither has the resources of Hirshberg or the popularity of a current or former Governor.  As such, Sununu looks the solid favorite.  Don`t be surprised if Democrats begin looking to bluer pastures in the near future if Marchand and Sweet fail to post massive fundraising numbers by mid year.

3 Responses to “Strike Three”

  1. Seth D. Says:

    From the tone of the story, Hirschberg is certainly looking to set himself up for another run down the road - maybe against Sen. Gregg in 2010, or for Governor if Lynch decides to challenge Gregg.

    Losing a self-funder would be much worse for the Dems in an expensive state like NJ or TX; with only one major media market, NH is cheaper.

  2. MD79 Says:

    NH is not all that cheap, the lower portion of the state, including Manchester, I believe, is in the Boston media market.

  3. MD79 Says:

    Gottesman is out in NH now too - that’s four of the Ds top choices - I suppose Hirschberg could reconsider, but right now, unless the atmosphere is more poisonous in NH for Rs in 08 than it was in 06, it’s looking pretty good for Sununu. Same goes for Dole in NC. If Franken is the best they can do in Minnesota, that’s not going to get it done up there, I don’t think, either. The Ds have a real shot in Colorado with Udall (might even be favored). If Domenici is really hurt with the US Atty situation, he could be in some trouble too, but he would have to look really bad and face a pretty strong challenger to be knocked off.

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