Shaheen to Take a Pass?

On Wednesday, Portsmouth Mayor Steve Marchand announced that he will challenge GOP Senator John Sununu.  According to Marchand, he is doing so based on information that former Gov. Jeanne Shaheen and current Gov. John Lynch will both take passes on the race.  If true, this makes Sununu`s path to reelection much smoother, though to be sure, he`s still not out of the woods.

Marchand is a first-term Mayor and the son of Quebecois.  Most of his political experience comes from work on losing campaigns, and this decision may seem rather ambitious given his status as the youngest mayor in his state.  Like Jim Webb, he must not be underestimated, yet Democrats surely hoped to do better than this in what Sen. Schumer identified as one of the Democrats`top three targets.  Look for state and national Democrats to try and upgrade in the coming months.

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